BRITTO® Palace

Romero Britto's 60,000 sq ft headquarters is located in the heart of Miami (Florida) and has already hosted dignitaries, celebrities, innovators and art patrons from all over the globe. 


It is the largest studio of a visual artist in the world and in history.

All the Original Acrylic and Oil on Canvas Paintings, Mixed Media Original Paintings, and Limited Edition Prints are created by Romero in the Miami studio, as well as all the art and design of the ROMERO BRITTO Fine Art® Sculptures and the BRITTO® products. 

Since November 1st of 2020 all the ROMERO BRITTO Fine Art purchased directly from the ROMERO BRITTO Fine Art Gallery or come with an exclusive Certificate of Authenticity (COA) stating the provenance of the artwork, BRITTO Studios® (Miami, FL).