BRITTO® is a global lifestyle brand founded in 1989 by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Romero Britto with the mission to inspire happiness, fun, love and optimism around the world through vivid color palettes, iconic imagery and fun-filled scenes that are relatable to all.

Our brand is synonymous of both fun and happiness, blending Romero's unique artwork with innovative design, creativity, and quality.

We have collaborated with Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, Apple, Coca-Cola, Hublot, Wilson, PepsiCo, Bentley, Puma, Evian, NBC Universal, Philips, Samsung, LG, Absolut Vodka, Campari, Carnival Cruise Line, Citi®, Swatch, Visa, Chiquita®, SanDisk, Royal Caribbean and Dufry amongst many other top global brands.

With the belief that art is too important not to share we hope to create happiness in the world through it.